Friday, April 26, 2013

Paying the Price

I am guilty of one of the worst crimes in endurance sports. I have been inconsistent in my train (cue dramatic music). I have many excuses, I was injured, then school and work got in the way, then I was really sick for two weeks, etc. No matter what the excuse I still have to pay the price for about 5 weeks of less than stellar training. The biggest price I will pay is the lack of fitness that I should have gained over these last weeks but the most immediate consequence is next week’s marathon.


I made it up to 18 miles for a long run but that was over a month ago. I am certain that I could run a marathon now but it would hurt a lot. If the marathon was the big goal I think I would still go for it but being sick for the weeks I was supposed to run 20 and 22 miles has made it seem less doable. Because I want to be able to bounce back quickly and keep training for my half ironman in June, I am going to drop to the half. I am a little bummed because I ran the full in 2011 and loved it. It also stings a bit to be behind the plan. But the half will still be fun and I should be able to walk the next day, I am sure that would not be true if I ran the full.


On a happier note I think I have finally (mostly) rounded out my race calendar for the summer :

June 9th: Denver Triathlon

June 29th: Pacific Crest Long Course Triathlon

July 13th: Steamboat Springs Sprint Triathlon

August 4th: Ironman Boulder 70.3

August 10th: Beaver Creek Trail Half Marathon (just for fun)

August 31st: Boulder Sunset Olympic Triathlon

September 22nd: Ironman Lake Tahoe

After IMLT I am planning on taking all of October to not race and do my own thing and enjoy my favorite month of the year, after that I have BIG plans!


  1. I think it is smart to drop to the half

    You have a couple races that I have looked into doing

    What is your big plans??? I want to know (yes I am being nosy)

    1. Haha, BBD, I don't blame you for being nosy but I can't say yet because it's not official.....but it might include margaritas!