Saturday, April 20, 2013

Moab Day One

Hello form Moab! We are currently sitting in the hotel waiting for the rain to stop so we can head out for our longest ride of the weekend (80 something for me but with the late start might need to be cut to 66) it's very cold and currently snowing at the top of our ride, a few hard core triathletes that were going for 100+ miles today went for it in the rain but most of us are waiting it out. I am still recovering from being sick for two weeks so I am not going to take my chances.

The trip so far has been a little impeded by weather, we have had a cold wet spring so it's really no surprise. But Day 1 (Thursday) made for a sketchy drive through the mountains from Denver to Grand Junction where we had planned to ride about 36 miles on our way to Moab but it was very cold and talk of snow so we pushed on to Moab where we checked into the hotel and quickly got on our bikes to put some miles in. The ride was still chilly but we rode along the river into a canyon on some nice easy rollers.


After the ride we cleaned up and headed to dinner with Coach and a bunch of people from the team the food wasn't great but the company was stellar. Then it was quick to get to bed for an early morning at the pool.

Day two coming soon, but I wanted to clear a couple things up. I called this a training camp and while in my mind it is we are very fortunate that it is put on by our local tri club and is free to members, not a fancy expensive camp. Obviously we have to pay to drive out here and for the hotel (some people camp but that seems crazy to me). Our coach and club officers plan the entire weekend (workouts, reserving a pool, discount at the hotel, etc) for us for free. It's a nice perk of being part of a really awesome club. We also have access to some of our club sponsors like Cliff Bar produces, Sierra Nevada beer as well a massages and recovery pump boots.

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  1. What is going on with the weather this year!! You had rain and old, I had snow on Saturday!!

    How cool your tri club put that on, I have always wanted to do a weekend clinic, plus Moab is freaking awesome.