Monday, December 10, 2012

This week in Workouts 4

It finally turned cold this week in Colorado. We had been skating along with warm weather making it easy to get outside to train. DSCN7566.JPG

This week will take a little more creativity to get all my workouts in (especially since my gym is shutting down for 6 days for remodels). This week includes a 5k (barf, I would rather run a half marathon any day).

Monday: 60 minute yoga and strength

Tuesday: am- 90 min spin class

pm- 90 min interval run

Wednesday: am- 90 min spin class

pm- 60 min strength

Thursday: 6 mile easy run

pm- 2900m swim

Friday: am- 8 mile run

pm- 30 min strength

Saturday: 5k race +extra miles not sure how long yet

Sunday: 2.5 hr bike ride and 3000m swim
What's your plan for the week??

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  1. Way to get outside! I hate the cold weather and it takes all my effort just to get down to my treadmill during the winter months so I really have to work on myself to get outside!