Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Plans

Hello! Now is the time of year that everyone starts looking forward and making plans. I LOVE to plan (in fact I need to work on staying in the moment more) but this time of year lets me indulge in planning to my hearts content. I am really looking forward to 2013, the fun starts early and I have a lot to look forward to. Here's a look ahead:

In January I am going to Miami to run in the ING half marathon with Amanda from Run to the Finish she generously offered to host me and arrange VIP entry to the race, I can't wait to meet her and run through the palm trees!

2011 Header_Best Of.png

In February Cory and I oping to get away somewhere tropical, it's not booked yet so it's still just a dream. Here's hoping!


For the rest of February and March I have a couple haves one in Salida hopefully it won't be too snowy


April I will travel to Moab for a long weekend for early spring triathlon raining camp, I am SO excited to attend this year!


In May I will run the Colorado Marathon, this is one of my favorite races I ran in 2011, it also will be the start of triathlon season (can't wait!)

In June we will travel to Central Oregon for Pacific Crest long course triathlon I did this race in 2011 as well as my first half ironman. I loved this race as well, seems that 2013 will start out as a bit of a repeat of 2011, I don't mind at all because 2011 was a great year.


July will have a training focus (unless I find something really fun to do) I hope to spend a lot of weekends up in the mountains working at high elevation and lots of hills. In August I will race Ironman Boulder 70.3, it's our biggest local triathlon here in Colorado. I hope they will bring a full ironman here someday soon. I would like to fit a relay in sometime in the summer as well we just haven't decided on a race yet.

September is dedicated to Ironman Lake Tahoe, I can't wait to do another ironman. It may be easy to feel this way now, maybe August in peak training. But this race is the main focus of the year


After Ironman #2 is up in the air…off season? Ultra? I am going to wait to see how I feel. What are your plans for 2013?

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  1. We are samsies on 2....Miami ING Half (LOVE that race!) and IM Tahoe. I still need to fill in the rest of my year, which is totally weird for me because I usually have it all planned and have to eliminate a race or too!