Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Athlete Wish List Part 3 (Run)

It's time to continue the athlete's wish list with the run addition. This addition is the easiest for me because at heart I am a runner that does triathlons. I love run gear the most but you can find my swim list here: Athlete Wish List Part 1 (swim) and bike wish list here: Athlete wish List Part 2 (Bike)

Here a few things that I have and love or are on my list for running:
For a big ticket Item I would suggest a Garmin 910X with heart rate monitor and ANT stick so you don't have worry about recording your workouts:


I have this Salomon Momentum jacket and wear it ALL the time! It's super comfortable and perfect for running and cycling.


I love most thing Lululemon but I really love my Run Swiftly long sleeve shirt it's the perfect weight.

On runs longer than 10 miles I always carry water, a Nathan Handheld makes that easy
Every runner can use more gels, I like GU the best. I usually stick with blackberry or peanut butter but this time of year the holiday flavors are fun imgres.jpeg

What are some things you have on your run wish list?

Lists from last Year:

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  1. I just got some peppermint GU and I love it! I'm going to have to stock up before it all goes away.