Friday, December 2, 2011

Give Yourself the Gift of Fitness

I have decided to give myself the gift of fitness this holiday season, and I hope you do too. It's such a busy time of year with more social commitments than usual. But I know that I am my best self when I am exercising and eating healthy so I make it a priority. Here are some ways that I keep my healthy habits going during the holidays:

1. Get up early. I know not everyone is a morning person but it's easier to fit in your workout before anything else happens to deter you. I also find that by the time I really wake up I am at the gym and it's too late to turn back. I personally get up at 4:20 am everyday. It sounds bad but I am used to it and love that my workout is done before I go to work.

Even when it's crapy outside, it's nice and warm in the gym!

2. Plan your meals ahead of time

That way you aren't tempted to stop and grab take out on the way home.

3. Stock up on healthy food

I find that if I have a lot of healthy food around I am less likely to face plant into a plate of cookies.

4. Make healthier versions of your favorite foods. I love clam chowder but traditionally it's not very healthy but after googling I found a healthy recepie that I love!

5. Enjoy active activities with friends and family instead of focusing on food

6. Keep your gym bags packed

It's much easier to get out the door when you aren't searching for your stuff, I am still working on this one.

7. Say no....this can be hard but you don't have to do everything. Do what you really enjoy, if you don't wan to go to your office holiday cookie swap, don't do it! But if you love you block pot luck then go and enjoy it!

I hope you all have a happy healthy holiday season.

Do you have any tips on how to stay healthy during the holiday season?


  1. Can you post your clam chowder recipe, I love a good chowder

    I love Costco as well, I set a challenge to make sure I ate all the fruits and veggies before they go bad, ya its alot of veggies, but their produce is alot cheaper then a grocery store

    My tips, eat a salad and a protien shake before I goto a holiday party, you will eat less because your already full

  2. All great tips and when I am on my "A-game" I follow them to a tee! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. You say "...face plant into a plate of cookies." like it's a bad thing. Cookies are a great recovery food. They are filled with strong motivation to make you happy.

    Packing in advance is a great way to make it easier to do the workouts.

  4. I'm a HUGE believer in keeping my run bag packed - I hate having to rummage around early in the morning. My tip is a non-brainer. Before you go a Christmas party and shove your face, drink a huge glass of water, and a big salad (or veggies) before you go. It'll keep you from over-eating the bad stuff.

  5. Great tips! It's great to find another person who doesn't think waking up at 4-something in the morning is insane! :-)