Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in Review

2011 was a good year for me, it is the first year in a long time that I didn't have a significant change. But I did reach some significant goals of running a marathon and completing a half ironman. It was fun to share these accomplishments with my hubby.

January started off just the way I like it with a half marathon on new years day

I traveled to NYC for work

And Cory ran Frosey's Frozen 5 Mile race while I cheered him on because I had food poisoning

In February It snowed a lot and we ran a lot while training for our first marathon

March took me to Portland to visit my parents

and Cory and I ran the Boulder Sprig Half Marathon

In April Cory and I ran a lot!

May 1st we ran the Colorado Marathon

And we went back to Oregon for a weeding and some quality family time

June was a big month for us we completed our first olympic distance triathlon and traveled (back) to Oregon for our first half ironman. It was so much fun I hope to race Pacific Crest again someday, unfortunately it is the same weekend as IMCDA . We also celebrated 5 years of marriage.

July was a lot of travel for me, I went to San Diego for work

I work hard people!

Then Cory and I headed to Oregon (see a pattern here?) for another wedding

July also came with a knee injury that kept me from running for many months. This was a dark part of the year but I healed and will work very hard to make 2012 injury free

In August we celebrated Cory's birthday and my parents moving to Colorado

September was busy with two triathlons, a half ironman and the only sprint triathlon of the season

I went to Atlanta for the AZA conference

We celebrated my brother's and my birthday

October is always one of my favorite months. Cory and and ran 2 5ks and enjoyed lots of fun fall activities.

November We flew to Oregon and drove back to Colorado

I bought a new bike

And ran a turkey trot with my mom and husband

And we started training for Ironman Coeur d'Alene

December was full of swim/bike/run, family and fun

I hope your 2011 was wonderful and here's to an even better 2012!!


  1. I love looking at all these pictures! Is the pumpkin pic at Rock Creek Farms on hwy. 287?

  2. had a great and busy 2011 year!! Your post reminded me of the Boulder Spring half and I just registered for it now..ha ha! :)
    Although I'm not training for an IM this year, let me know if you ever want to do any training rides/runs together!

  3. Heather- It's Anderson Farms, my favorite pumpkin patch!

    Aimee- I would LOVE too, and I could use all the advice you can give!