Monday, December 5, 2011

Ironman Coeur D'Alene Week 5 Workouts

I promised myself that I would keep up my training and nutrition during December and I knew it would be a challenge. I didn’t think the challenge would start SO early. Last week I had 5 holiday parties, 4 of which happened over the weekend. I was able to all of my workouts last week but that is mostly because it was a recovery week so there wasn’t as much to do. But now is when things get more interesting. This is the first week of “Base Building Phase” so we are adding time and miles (fun but time consuming) Please wish me luck between happy hours, parties and shopping. Hoping to fit it all in, but most will have to be indoors because Denver looks like this:

Here is the week:
Monday: 90 min yoga and hip strengthening exercises
Tuesday: am: 60 min strength pm: 90 min Interval Run

Wednesday: 90 min spin class and 60 min pilates
Thursday: Distance swim workout (3100 m)
Friday: 60 min progression run and 60 min strength training
Saturday: Swim (60 min)/bike (120 min)brick
Sunday: 11 mile endurance run and strength training (60 min)

Thoughts on strength training: I love it, and I love that my plan incorporates time to work on building strength. After training for my first full marathon and half ironman last year I felt week and wobbly since I spent no time focusing on strength.

Now I have a routine that I kinda like but don’t LOVE. Anyone have a plan they would suggest? I have heard good things about TYR, suggestions?


  1. Not great for training at all...and to think we were riding in short sleeves last weekend!

    I just moved from Minneapolis to Denver in October. I'm training for IMAZ this year & I did IMCDA last year. I know you usually train with your hubby but let me know if you ever want to meet up for a training!


  2. Nice job with your training! I think it's great that you're incorporating strength training into your plan!

    This weather definitely makes it tough to get workouts done! I cannot believe it is only 10degree today! Brrr!

  3. Your doing great!

    That picture makes it look do you photograph 10 degrees? :)