Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Resolutions

Happy New Years Eve everyone, I hope you all have happy and safe celebrations tonight!

I have a tendency to set very ambitious goals and then be upset with myself when I don't meet all of them. This is true for 2011 as well. But I met my big overall goals of running my first marathon and half ironman and I am very happy with that.

2011 resolutions:
1. Prepare more healthy meals (Cory is our main cook, I would like to start cooking about twice a week) Success, I have tried many new recipes and am much more comfortable in the kitchen. I hope to continue this in 2012.

2. Work on my core, I know my core is weaker than it should be so I plan on doing plank every night in January and will move on from there. Hmmm, half fail. I did pick this up in November/December but when I got busy with marathon and half ironman training I let it slip.

3. I would like to PR in a 5k, 5M, 10k, half marathon and marathon. This should be easy given that last year was my first year racing and I only ran one (maybe 2) of each race and I have never ran a marathon, guaranteed PR =) I am happy enough with this one, I PR'd in 10k, half marathon and marathon but I didn't take speed work very seriously so that is something to work on.

4. Work on sticking to my training plan. I know there are times I won’t be able to stick to it because of outside influences, but when I just don’t feel like it, suck it up! Giant Fail, I am working on it

5. Take off a few pounds (10-15) I am not technically “over weight” but I know that being lighter will be easier on my joints. Well I took off 5 and I am happy with that.

6. Be better about blogging (i.e. more consistent, better pictures, etc.) Overall Yes I posted a total of 31 times and 155 times in 2011

7. Run 1,000+ miles Nope, but I got very close around 950 miles, I just couldn't get there with my knee injury.

Overall I didn't make all my goals but that's ok it just means I can learn from my mistakes and try again 2012. So I am going to continue to shoot for the stars in 2012!

Goals for 2012:

1. Follow my training plan as best I can. I am TERRIBLE at this, I know you can't control everything so following 100% of the time is not reasonable but I need to be better. What is the point of hiring a coach if I just do whatever I want anyway?

2. PR in half and full marathons

3. Complete the ironman (most important goal)

4. Complete an ultra marathon

5. Get to my training weight by April (10-12 lbs lighter than I am now) and racing weight by June.

6. Be better about blogging (i.e. more consistent, better pictures, etc.) This is a repeat from last year but I want to continue to improve.

7. Run 1,000+ miles and ride 3,000+ miles

8. Focus on strength all year

9. Stay injury free, this will be most important in helping me reach all other goals

It's a long list and it will take a lot of work and discipline to make it all happen, but I am ready and excited about getting to work. I plan to set monthly and weekly goals to keep me focused and on track


I have a weird feeling that 2012 is going to be a wonderful year for me and I can't wait to welcome her with open hopeful arms tonight!


  1. Nice job on your 2011 goals. And best of luck with your 2012 resolutions. Exciting to watch you train for ironman. I was at a party last night and I mentioned I'm thinking of IRonman coeur d'alene for 2013 and I had 5 people tell me that wasn't a good race. 5 people who don't even run 5ks. 5 people who don't get it. 5 people I won't be listening to. So I'm glad I'm following you and keep letting us know how it's going!

  2. Great goals! Im pushing for 1000 miles also so best of luck to us both! Erica

  3. I think 2012 will be amazing for you! :) Can't wait to follow the journey!