Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kona Viewing Party

NBC is airing their coverage of the Kona Ironman today. If you can you have to watch this race, Chrissie's comeback, Crowie's win! Even if you don't do triathlon this coverage is fun to watch and inspiring the only downside is that it might make you want to do an ironman.

I am going to watch the coverage with my my triathlon team Rocky Mountain Tri Club I am a little worried because I sometimes cry watching people finish an ironman, reach their dreams and feel so incredibly good about themselves.source

Hopefully I won't make a fool of myself in front of everyone.

Will you watch? Do you sometimes cry watching the end of athletic events?


  1. Watching it right now. Dreaming dreams...

    Actually, I few days ago I was talking to the husband about a potential career move of his that would take us to Alabama. I told him that I'm willing to live in Alabama, but then I get to do IMFL. I was thinking about it today in the car and was fantasizing about crossing the finish line and hearing "you are an Ironman!" and I legit started crying.

  2. I cried a little watching that today, especially when the mom finished 4 seconds late. It is so inspiring. I have a goal for a half iron in the next year or so...

  3. I watched it twice now, cried both times

  4. We were at the same viewing party! Did you notice how the noise level went way down and people paid more attention when the footage of the AG'ers was one compared to the pros?

  5. I cry watching paint dry, so yeah- those are killer.