Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You get what you pay for

I learned the lesson “you get what you pay for” again last night. Cory called me on the way home from work to surprise me with sports massages for that night. He booked them a Massage Envy since it was last minute, a chain “spa” it’s really cheap, if you are a first time visitor you can get an hour for only $39. When we arrived we quickly filled out some forms before talking to the receptionist about why we were visiting. We explained that we were training for a marathon so we had tight leg muscles. She then asked if there was an area that we wanted the therapists to focus on, we stressed that our legs needed the most work. After being shown to our room the therapists asked us again what we wanted focused on (why did I just tell the other lady all of this information?) both of us again emphasized that our legs were sore and needed the most work, in fact Cory said his back felt good and didn’t need any work at all. So how much time did they spend on our legs? 10 minutes! After about 40 minutes on my back I was wondering why they even asked us what we wanted in the first place. The back work did feel good but it wasn’t what I needed after running 22 miles and biking 50. Lesson learned, next time we will go to a real sports massage therapist.

Moving on, the plan for this week is:

Monday: Rest =)

Tuesday: 16 mile bike, outside!! pm: Track practice with RMTC, we will do between 4 and 6 miles of intervals
Wednesday: am 1900 swim (not sure of exact workout yet), pm yoga
Thursday: 90 min spin class straight to a 6 mile run
Friday: 6 mile tempo run with an easy 1600 m easy swim
Saturday: I have to work a long day so I am unsure of our workouts……
Sunday: Either a long brick of 40 miles on the bike followed by a 12 mile run OR a 55 mile bike with hills and then a 16 mile run on Monday, what would you do?

Winston says it’s time to get back to reading blogs.
Yes we keep blankets on our couch, it’s new and we have three dogs.


  1. I've always wondered about those Massage Envy places. For what it's worth, I go to Spavia in Greenwood Village and use Bethanne for my Sports Massages. She is awesome!!

  2. haha. Yah sometimes I like to splurge on something like the massage because you know you will get it right! That kind of happened to me. I asked the woman to focus on some areas and shes like "well I just do it all" I'm like ok...I guess she only has one routine haha.

  3. I've been to Massage Envy - definitely just a relaxation place! :) Lesson learned...

    Winston is a cutie patootie!