Thursday, April 7, 2011

Veggie restaurants and gym idiots

Last night I really didn’t want to make dinner so I talked Cory into meeting me at Watercourse, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant near our house in Denver. We hadn’t been there before but it sounded interesting. The inside the restaurant was really cute. And the wait staff was really friendly. I started out with a raspberry beer (not my favorite) and Cory got the hard cider (this was very good). For dinner I got The Champ, described as:
Freshly baked foccacia bread with layers of roasted beets, red onions, grilled zucchini, sprouts, swiss cheese, and lemon caper aioli.
I meant to take a picture but it was mostly gone before I remembered, I must have been hungry. I did like the sandwich even though I am not a huge fan of beets. I used to have to cut raw beets all the time for the Chimps when I worked as primate keeper. I really liked the foccacia and the lemon caper aioli. This morning Cory and I got up early to hit out spin class where the instructor informed us that this would be the last time the class would be offered. WHAT?!?! This class (5:30 Thursday morning) is always full with a wait list, why would the gym cancel this class? We signed a petition, got the number for the gym’s manager so we could complain and then had our @sses handed to us in class. After class we hopped on treadmills to pound at 6 miles for a nice brick. Being able to easily run 6 miles after a difficult spin class makes me feel like maybe I will be able to do this crazy half ironman in June. Now I have to figure out what to do with my training plan, I had relied on Thursday spin to be part of my brick and it isn’t nice or light enough to count on being riding outside. Plus I counted it as an interval workout.


  1. I love Watercourse! We've been there a handful of times and each time we go our food is always good! I only wish there were more vegetarian rest. in Denver!

  2. I've never been to Watercourse but heard good things about it; not sure I could stomach a beet though!! Ha.

    I was going to a spin class at the rec center last summer and the class was exactly like yours - full - and then they moved the time to an hour later and no one went. Took awhile but they moved it back....and I stopped going to that place b/c it was such a joke of constantly moving stuff like that. Now I go to 24-hour and they constantly do this stuff, too. So frustrating. Hope you get it back!!!

  3. Bummer on the spin class! I love spin, but it is soo hard to me!