Saturday, April 2, 2011

50 miles and REI love

After checking out the forecast this morning we decided to do our bike ride today. We got a bit of a late start so I was worried about the strong winds that were supposed to start after noon but it was a beautiful day (highs in the 80s and sunny) and we wanted to get our ride in. We rode from just north of REI on the Platte River Trail down around the Chatfield Reservoir. I shouldn't have been too worried about the wind, there were a few times that it was really gusting but it never really bothered me. We rode 50 miles at an average 15 mph, given the wind and busy trail I am happy with our average.

When we were done we refueled with Starbucks frappuccinos, conveniently there was a Starbucks in the parking lot that we started and finished in =) After getting home and cleaning up we headed back to REI with our dividend in hand. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but I came home with all of this:I got 4 GUs for tomorrows 22 mile run, a new run belt, I have been using my SPI belt and it wasn't the best, Trail Runner magazine and Brooks Cascadia trail shoes! I am so excited to have actual trail shoes instead of just running in old road shoes. As seen here:Looks like mom needs trail shoes too. It's my mom's birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM), instead of trail shoes though I got her a gift certificate to a spa, hope you like it mom.

After shopping Cory whipped up an awesome carb loading dinner for us, I am so lucky to have a husband that cooks.*This was Cory's plate, I didn't have the shrimp.

It was the best way to end a great day, now we are going to relax and and watch a movie. Hope your Saturday was fabulous too.


  1. Ah--your weather sounds amazing! And what a perfect Saturday--have a fabulous 22 miler tomorrow--you look well prepared!

  2. It was perfect wasn't it! Hoping for good weather today too. I've ridden that trail but not quite all the way to Chatfield although that has been a goal. I've gone from my house in Arvada out Cherry Creek which is a good ride too.

    Have a great run today!

  3. Hope your run went amazingly!
    So awesome that you run with your mom!!

  4. Yay for a great ride! I rode outside too and it was awesome!
    Woohoo for the REI dividend! I can't wait to use ours!

  5. Sounds like a great day! And definitely some great scores at REI! :)

    Happy belated b-day to your mom!

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