Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday

I got up early this morning to put in 12 miles on the treadmill and all I could think about was Boston. It was early so I knew that no one had started running yet but I was thinking of all the people nervous and excited ready to start the race they had worked so hard for. After getting to work I stocked the pos on-line. I was really routing for Kara and Ryan Hall, and was blown away by the times set and the records broken. What an amazing day to be a runner.

Today starts my two week taper for my first marathon. I get a little taper crazy so please forgive me for the next two weeks. I really hate tapering, I have put in the hard work I want the reward of the race NOW!

Any tips on marathon tapering?

Have you ever tired 5 hour energy before running?
I have drank before riding my bike and have found that it really does give me energy but I am worried about taking it before running because it tastes SO bad.


  1. I was actually thinking about this today. I've used it 3 times now - before 2 long hilly rides, and before a brick. I felt amazing! I haven't used it right before a run yet, but I want to take one before the Eugene 1/2 marathon in two weeks, so I'm going to try it before my next run (only) and see how I feel.

  2. Can't believe the times today! Crazy! I still have one more week before I start my taper. Hope the weather stays nice!

  3. I have used this when I used to do softball clinics--I'm curious would it would be like for running--you've got me thinking Beth!