Thursday, December 26, 2013


Well hello! Its been quite around here with my focus on Christmas, family and other life changes, but we will get to all of that. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season celebrating with their families. I Had a wonderful Christmas that left my little heart bursting with joy and love.

Christmas pups.JPG

I will admit that 2013 hasn't been the easiest year for me . Nothing tragic or unmanageable, just more stressful than past years so I won't shed a tear to see it go and start fresh in a week. I also have had a few significant changes in the last couple weeks, it feels like a great transition to 2014.

I haven't really talked about it here to respect my husbands privacy but he is the most open and honest person I know so it wasn't really necessary. Cory was laid off from the company he was with for over seven years in May and diligently searched for a job for over seven months, about two weeks ago he finally heard that he got a job that he really wanted, it was the best Christmas gift we could have asked for.

After Cory started his new job with a hellish commute to Boulder we finally decided to put our Denver house on the market so we could move out of the city. We still love our little 1928 tudor house but finally agreed that it was worth it to move to make commuting easier for Cory as well as having some more modern luxuries (AC, decent closets, master bathroom, storage, etc). The biggest reason we would like to move is lifestyle, we really like to ride our bikes out the door of our home and run on trails. This is hard to do in the heart of Denver so we are looking to move closer to Boulder back roads with great trails. I am very excited about this change but getting our house on the market and selling it will take some work. Showing a home with three dogs and a crazy schedule would just not work so we will be moving out in a week and a half.

Another big change for 2014 will be a new coach for me. I really love my former coach and will still work with him in group workouts but I missed the boat to individually train with him again this year. I gave up the expense of a coach after Ironman Lake Tahoe, but after Cory found a job and a lackluster fall of self coaching I was in the market for a coach again. Not surprisingly a lot of coaches in Colorado are full up with it being so late and so many local athletes signed up for IM Boulder. So I researched and thought a lot about my options and I think I have found the perfect fit. I am very excited and think this change will be really great for me, sometimes a change is just what I need to push me out of my comfort zone. I will let you in on who my new coach will be after we sign all the docs and get going but I am ecstatic to get to work with her.

A lot of new things coming in the next month or so, new schedule, new coach, new commute, new home, new gym, new neighborhood, the list goes on. So 2013 will end on an upswing that will hopefully propel us into a wonderful 2014.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying some time off!


  1. So many exciting changes, Beth! Good luck with the move and house sale! I'm a little jealous you'll be in Boulder :) And, excited to hear more about your new coach!

    How on earth did all the dogs sit so nicely for that pic?! Too cute! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

  2. Oooh, Been there, done that, with the hubby getting laid off after being with a company for so long. yay for surviving that hurdle! And my hubby too found a job just before Christmas (although this was all last year.) Best of luck getting the house on the market and it selling quickly and moving to Boulder.

  3. I didn't know you have three dogs! That would be nearly impossible to show a home.
    I'm happy to hear Cory got a job he really wanted! And how awesome to move to Boulder?! I think that would be an incredibly inspiring place to train! Can't wait to read about your 2014 in a new home, with a new coach, and training for another big race!

  4. Love the Christmas photos with the dogs! Good luck with the transitions - sounds like they are all super positive, although that doesn't necessarily alleviate the stress involved. Happy early 2014 to you!

  5. Congratulations to your husband on his new job! Best of luck with the move to Boulder!