Thursday, December 6, 2012

Athlete Wish List Part 2 (bike)

Good morning, it's time to continue the athlete's wish list with the bike addition. Being a triathlete means needing a lot of gear you can find my swim list here: Athlete Wish List Part 1 (swim) and here a a few things that I have and love or are on my list for biking:

If you're looking for a big ticket gift, a full carbon road bike might be the right choice. A women's specific bike is important for my build (long legs, short torso and narrow shoulders) I love my tt-bike and while I won't be adding a fancy new road bike to the fleet this month maybe one day:
Trek women's Madone 4.5 WSD 87414.png

If you are going to spend hours on the bike you might as well be comfortable AND look cute! Betty Designs Cycling Kit

I great addition to my gear this year were proper tri shoes with carbon soles, I love mine from Specialized:

Smart Wool arm warmers make regulating your temperature easy while on the go:


And my FAVORITE thing to eat on the bike (don't judge me) PB snickers!

Coming Soon:

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  1. i am getting more in to biking and definitely LOVE TREK!! Right now i'm still trying to find shorts that don't feel like a diaper but have padding cause my sit bones hurt

  2. That bike outfit is so cute it makes me want to start biking.