Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big Race Weekend

Cory and I have two races this weekend. It is our first time doubling up events on a weekend. I wouldn't think this was a good idea but these Races are just fun ways to get our miles in. On Saturday we are running Greenland 25k trail race
They also offer a 8 mile and 50k. I have heard this is a great beginner ultra marathon since the trail isn't too technical and there is a reasonable elevation change.

We have trained at Greenland before, last year when training for the Colorado Marathon we ran our longest training run of 22 miles there. It is a nice trail.
We do need to do some planning before heading down to this race as true to most trail races there is less support than you see in road races so we will have to carry our own water.

On Sunday we will be riding the Boco Loco century in Boulder. This also really isn't a race, there is no official timing, you can start any time between 6:30am and 10:00am.

There are some other big races happening this weekend as well. It's kinda sad that this year will be the last year of the full Ironman at St. George Utah. Ironman announced that next year they will drop to a 70.3.
 “We’ve listened to our athletes and they’ve told us that while they love St. George — the people, the community and surroundings — St. George does not work for them as a full-distance Ironman,” said Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of Ironman. “Our belief is that St. George will flourish as a 70.3 and we are pleased that we are continuing our relationship with St. George and with the state of Utah.”
Story can be found here.  

One last race on my radar this weekend is the Colorado Marathon. This was my first marathon last year so it has a special place in my heart.

Also one of my employees is running it as her first so I am enjoying sharing in her excitement.

Anyone racing this weekend? Tell me about it!


  1. I doubled up 2 weekends ago, it was fun.... and tiring... but fun, you feel a little extra hardcore come Monday

    I am doing a half marathon on Saturday

  2. You are going to have a great weekend! Have fun!