Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Know You Are Training For an Ironman When...

I thought this might be a fun little series to document some of my observations of how life is different when training for an ironman. So you know you're training for an ironman when...
  • All your travel is based around races or off seasonimgres copy.jpeg
  • At least something on your body has a chafe, scab, blister and/or sunburn
  • Your dishwasher has more water bottles than regular drinking glasses
Nuun all day.jpeg
  • Sleeping in on the weekend means setting the alarm for 6:30 am
  • You find yourself almost constantly thinking about what your next meal will be
  • Coffee is not just to get you going in the morning anymore
coffee and computer.jpg
  • You shower at the gym, pool, lake, etc, than you do at home
  • That shower at home is too full of drying wetsuits, towels and swim suits to use anyway
That's it for me for now, your turn! What's on your list? What things make you know you are training for (fill in the blank)


  1. You are doing laundry every other day, just to have something to workout in.

    1. That is a good one! I always have double the amount of workout related laundry compared to normal clothes!

  2. Love this list! I can so relate :)

    I would add: Bikes have overtaken the living room, and the endless mountains of laundry :)

    1. It's good to know that I am not the only one that now has bikes as part of my decor =)

  3. I love that!
    I'm "only" training for my IM 70.3 this year, but still, I have most of the ironman features.
    Two wetsuits in my tiny bathroom (have to figure out which one to use),
    two bikes in the tiny appartment,
    friends ask "How is your training?" as often as "how are you doing?",
    My vacation this year is race week,
    I have three times more running shoes than "ordinary" shoes,
    and so on.

    Happy training from Norway-based ironman blogger :=)