Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Good Training Day

I was not sure that todays prescribed workout would go well with my slight knee "issue". My schedule called for the longest open water swim of the season with a short transition to a 12 mile run. I prepared myself to attempt the full workout but I was worried about what not completing the workout would do to my confidence.

I showed up to the lake , stuffed myself into my wetsuit. The water was pleasantly cool and clear. I started my swim and my arms felt age and stiff, but after a while I settled into it and felt easy and fluid. I was able to swim 2 miles in 52 minutes, and I am happy with that.

Grant Ranch.jpg

After the swim I got ready to run and was grateful that my kit was wet from the swim because it was already getting very warm. The run wasn't pain free but it went better than expected and the pain was manageable. The pain never got worse during the run, it just seemed to come and go. Overall I am very happy to have completed the workout and am looking forward to my half ironman in two weeks!

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  1. Gorgeous pic...almost makes me want to go for a swim. Almost.