Monday, June 10, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe – Week 23

Wow, week 23 flew by! Here is what training looked like:

Monday: Rest, I meant to do yoga or something but I was exhausted from traveling and had to catch up at work

Wednesday: am 80 min trainer ride
pm: strength training

Thursday: Tempo Run
pm: strength training
Friday: Trainer Ride

pm: Strength Train

Saturday: 60 mile ride to watch mom compete in her first triathlon, she did amazing!

We were meant to do a 6 mile run off the bike but Cory got a flat and we arrived too late to run

Sunday: 1.2 mile open water swim (felt ok but not great) then was supposed to run 10 miles but my knee has been hurting (SH!T) so we went for a 5 mile hike instead.

Total ~ 16 hours would have liked a little more running and a little less pain. I am worried about my knee but I am going to do what I can to avoid a full blown injury and keep trucking through that I can

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