Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anthem Turkey Day 10k Race Report

This was the first time that Anthem has ran the 10k portion of this race, they have ran a 5k in past years. The race was well organized and there was a large community center where check-in was located which was greatly appreciated since it was so cold and there were plenty of flush toilets. The course was listed as “challenging” and I would say it was moderately challenging about the first two and a half miles were up hill but it wasn’t too steep. We ran mostly on paths some paved some not. It was not the most scenic run I have ever been on, but I am spoiled the Turkey Trot I ran growing up ran through Forest Park and ended inside the Oregon Zoo. I loved it and I don’t think anything can compare. I love Colorado but Oregon will always have my heart.

As for my personal experience it was as follows:

Mile 1: uphill, felt great

Mile 2: felt great, still running uphill

Mile 3: started to have trouble breathing

Mile 4: flat and easy but still having trouble breathing

Mile 5: starting to feel better, starting to go back down hill

Mile 6+ felt great again, wanted to keep running

Total Time: 58:31

Conclusion: I need to get my asthma under control so I can run faster than a shuffle!


  1. awesome job!

    happy to have found your blog!!

  2. Awesome! OMG, you're from Oregon?! So cool. I was just looking at these pictures and realizing how beautiful and blue the sky is and missed colorado since that is what I grew up with. :) I do love Oregon and you're right, nothing compares to forest park! I have yet to do the Turkey Trot because I hear it is really crowded but I should check it out. So glad I found your blog. :)