Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great Weekend

What a wonderful weekend, I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. I love Thanksgiving but I am just as excited for it to be over because that means it is the start of Christmas!
We had a great Thanksgiving, starting with the Anthem Turkey Day 5k/10k. It was so much fun because Cory’s cousins Tim and Meghan came along with us. Cory Tim and I ran the 10k and Meghan ran the 5k (she hasn’t ran in a long time so I was super impressed). I was really nice to go race with family, it reminded me of growing up when my family would run the Portland turkey trot together. Race Report coming next. (Tim, Meghan and I about to do a three way high five, we are super dorks)
Thanksgiving was wonderful, Cory made wonderful food, especially the turkey and I think the completely from scratch pies were a hit. There were six people and five dogs here and it was really fun. The evening ended with Meghan beating all of us at Clue. (Thanksgiving Food) (Pumpkin for pie, this was my first time not using canned pumpkin) (Ingredients for pumpkin pie)
(Apple Pie)
(Thanksgiving Table)

Friday morning, Cory and I got ready to brave the Black Friday crowds to do some shopping. It wasn’t really that bad out, we got some presents and I even spent some of my birthday money. In the evening we pulled out our decorations and started decorating our house for Christmas.
Yesterday we headed out to Stapleton and ran 11.5 miles along the sand creek trail, the run felt great! We didn’t run fast but we did average about 10:46 mm, but that is faster than the 12mm we had been running on our long runs. I was really happy when we were done I felt like I could keep going a lot further.
Today we are going to work on putting up Christmas lights, getting a tree and finishing up decorating and getting ready to get back to reality.


  1. had a great weekend! glad you did too!
    and super kudos to you for gettin the lights up..

    we need to do so;-)

  2. I've never made pumpkin pie NOT out of a can, was it good? Looks like a great Thanksgiving :).

    Can you please email me your mailing list for the holiday gift exchange so I can give to your blog exchange buddy (You did want in on the exchange, righ???). Just reply back to this comment and I'll get the email.

    THANKS!!! :)