Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Trainers?

Workout: 5.1 mile run (1 mile warm up and cool down with a 3.1 mile race pace run) and an easy mile swim

Had a good workout this morning. Last week I fell apart at the gym trying to do a tempo run. I couldn’t make it a full 3 miles at 8:45 mm (I know, I am really slow, I am working on it). I don’t know if it was because I skipped my weight lifting class on Wednesday so I had fresher legs or if it was just a better day, but this morning it went much better. After my warm up I set the treadmill on 8:45mm and was feeling good at 2.5 miles so I sped up to 8 mm to finish my set. I know it’s not a ground speed record but it’s good for me =). Swim felt great after running hard, the gym was surprisingly muggy this morning (yuck). I am hoping to do my first ever indoor ride on a trainer tomorrow. Cory and I have one now but we would like two so we can ride at the same time. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of trainers to get, or not get?

I am so glad it’s almost the weekend and next week is a two day work week!

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  1. You aren't slow!!! :) I love my CycleOps, although I can't tell you which model it is...