Monday, December 27, 2010


I love goals, I live by them and really enjoy setting them. One thought that has been floating around my head is being more intentional and having more accountability for the goals I set for myself. So I think I will Copy Goals For the Week (love your blog!!) and write weekly and monthly goals on my blog. I will try to do this every Monday for my weekly goals and near the first for the month. How do you feel about goals/resolutions, do you set them and/or write them down?
My goals for this week are:

1. Do something active everyday even if it’s just a walk with my dogs
2. Eat healthy foods, and eat in moderation. Just because I am on vacation doesn't mean I need to eat like a piggy.
3. Take time to reflect on 2010, and think about what I really want in 2011.
4. Relax and enjoy my time off.

I will also set (hopefully) attainable resolutions. My big goals are to finish three big races:
Full Marathon in May
Half Ironman in June
50K in October

A non-athlete resolution is to landscape our front and back yard. I don’t know when we will find the time but we will get voted off our block if we don’t do something soon.

This week Cory and I are on vacation, after hosting Christmas at our house we need it. So we left Denver yesterday morning and arrived in Sunriver (near Bend Oregon) this morning. It’s beautiful here.

There are miles and miles of trails so it’s perfect for active people. This is also where all Pacific Crest races end =)

I am looking forward to snowshoeing, snow running and relaxing. I am really excited about the half marathon that Cory and I are running on New Years day. The race is described as:
“The Huge Ass Half
13 miles (half marathon). Starts with a 4 mile out and back plus one counterclockwise 9-mile loop.
BEST SUITED FOR: Those who have slacked over the holiday and only worked on expanding their ass and need a jump start. You’ve been procrastinating to begin training because “it’s so cold and snowy in Central Oregon.” After completion, your ass is still pretty big but it might not jiggle as much as before.”

I hope everyone is having a wonderful relaxing last week of 2010!


  1. Ok, you got me super excited that maybe I could run a 1/2 on NY day...but alas, it's not in Denver. haha. Probably a good thing, Imay slit my wrists if I knew how slow I would run that thing right now.

    Um...kitty is cracking me up! Maybe kitty needs a treadmill?!? :)

    A very Happy New Year to you, Beth!! Hope to see you soon!



    and more fabulous that you're at SunRiver at the moment! That place is so sweet! Yah!! Enjoy, enjoy!;-)Looking forward to 2011!

  3. Love your goals!

    That race sounds fabulous! I love the description! I really should be running it! Hope you have a great trip!

  4. I like your goals! I think I need to start doing weekly and monthly goals too.
    Enjoy your time in is absolutely beautiful there!

  5. Great golas and thanks for checking out my blog!!

    Love the BAD ASS half!! What marathon are you running in may?!!