Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Runday

I was craving an intense trail run this weekend, after another six-day work week I wanted a thrashing and that is what I got. The hubbs and I drove up to Boulder to run on the Mesa trail:

It was steep and rocky and BEAUTIFUL!

(This picture would be beautiful except for my rats nest hair, seriously curly hair is such a pain)

I came home to a painful ice bath, but I am glad I did it because I think it really did help. Today I am taking the day off exercising to heal, back at it tomorrow. The good news my knee held up beautifully, I am so grateful to that.

I am also a little freaked out and excited that Christmas is coming so quickly, my parents get here Friday! My brother talked them into coming out to Colorado early so they can race Rudolf’s Revenge with us. We haven’t all raced together since 2004, it will be so much fun. We grew up doing races as a family and this will be a nice revisit. I see a lot more family races in the future after mom and dad move from Oregon to Colorado (hopefully in late 2011).

This week I am focusing on cleaning my house in preparation for house guests and holiday parties and getting Christmas shopping and cards done……good luck to me!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. you

    Thank you.

    Love all your photos. What a beautiful place to run. LOOOOOVE the santa & santa's "helper" photo!!

    You rock.

  2. Looks like an amazing run! :) And sounds like the next week will be busy - good luck with everything!

  3. The pictures are awesome. What a view!!