Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow is coming!!

I am so excited, snow is coming today! I still get as excited as a child about snow, I even love running in the snow. Proof:
It's feeling more and more like Christmas, I have bought and sent my gift to my secret Santa blog buddy set up by Jill, thanks Jill!

I am hoping to meet Jill at this weekends race, I will be in these socks:
seriously, I have no shame.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. those
    r o c k.

    honestly. I NEED a pair.

    YAY you.


  2. You'll be easy to spot, for sure!!! :)

    I just signed up my son for the 10K - still on the fence if I will run it or not, but for sure I will be there. Are you doing the 5 or 10?

    Let's get in touch before the big day with phone # exchanges so we can be sure to grab a pic together :)!!

    And boooo to snow - yuck. I love it in the mts but not in my driveway.

  3. Have a great race. Can't say I share you enthusiasm for snow.

  4. Those socks are the best ever! Period.

  5. I have to have those socks!! Where did you get them?! Too cute! HOpe you take lots of pictures this weekend Beth.

  6. The socks are from Target (love me some target)