Thursday, December 9, 2010

Knee Pain

I had to cut my tempo run short this morning because my right knee was hurting. After not running for two months this summer I am really hoping this will go away fast. I should have already learned this lesson, my right knee isn’t completely healed (one doctor told me to just learn to live with the pain) and I know it starts hurting when I don’t ice after EVERY workout. For the last week it hasn’t even occurred to me to ice after workouts. What the heck, how can I just forget to ice?!?! So now I am sitting here with ice packs on my knees hoping that the pain this morning won’t turn into anything worse.

Training plan for the weekend:

Saturday: 1.5 hours on the bike trainer, I need to pick up a good movie tonight!

Sunday: 13 mile run, just need to decided where, I am thinking trail run. One of the upsides of us not getting snow is that the trails are still dry. Although I do sometimes like running in the snow, Proof from last year:

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!


  1. You look so cozy there on your couch with your dog and your Mac computer! :) Love it. I totally forget to ice all the time....and I desperately need to ice! Hope your knee is feeling better.

  2. Oh man, you look like you're in heaven!!! My favorite position while blogging :).

    Where is that trail? Maybe one day we can go for a run together!!

    Crossing fingers the knee pain is short-lived for SURE!!

  3. I am well acquainted with that couch position myself

  4. Thanks for your comments Beth! I would highly recommend a sports chiro if you can find a good one. I think I might get a foam roller soon. Thanks.