Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ironman Los Cabos Training – 10 weeks to go...

Whew, I am late getting last weeks recap up here, but better late than never! Las week had an unplanned rest day for me with a snow storm causing a two hour commute (missed my swim) then an offer on our house that same night so I spent the evening signing contracts (yay). I hate missing workouts but coach said no big deal so I guess I will move on. In the big picture selling my house trumps one day of workouts. The week started out easy to recover from the half marathon then ramped up.

Here is what my week looked like:
2600 yd easy swim

Hour  trainer ride in the morning  
30 min MAF run

Bike strength and Power on the trainer
Easy shake out run

Snow storm and contract signing
Strength training
Bike hill repeats on the trainer

16 mile run
2200 yd swim

75 mile bike with 40 minute t-run

Swim: 4800 yds // 2hrs
Bike: 116 miles // 10hrs
Run: 22.3 miles // 4hrs 45min
Strength: 45 min

Total: 17hrs 22min

Overall this week felt ok, next week is a rest week so I am looking forward to a little step back before my biggest set before Cabo. Bring on peak training!!


  1. Oh my goodness- you must be exhausted! That's a big week and then home stuff on top of it! Way to go!
    How are you feeling with no rest day (scheduled)?
    Any congrats on selling your house!!
    Enjoy your rest week and then good luck in your peak weeks!

  2. Congrats on the house sale! Super exciting! It stormed here this morning, too, but thankfully I was able to work from home to avoid an hour+ commute!

    Awesome week of training, too! You are gonna crush Cabo!