Monday, January 20, 2014

Ironman Los Cabos Training – 11 weeks to go...

In my last post I talked about my new coach Beth (can get very confusing since my name is Beth too but it’s fun that our last names rhyme) . Since I don’t want to give her services away for free and everyone’s training should look different I won’t go into too much detail here about my workouts. Here is what my week looked like:
Easy spin (that I moved over from Sunday)
2,000 yd swim

Hour tempo trainer ride in the morning  
Interval run (in the dark)

Pyramid trainer ride
 3100 masters swim
hour easy(ish) trainer ride
60 minute tempo run
Strength workout
3000 yd swim
4 hour endurance bike ride with a 30 minute transition run
Half Marathon race (recap soon) quick strength session

90 minute easy spin to get the junk out of the legs

Swim: 8250 yds // 2hrs 45min
Bike: 124 miles // 10hrs 27min
Run: 27 miles // 5hrs 5min
Strength: 1hr 10 min

Total: 18hrs 45min

Overall this week felt really good, I am happy to be back into a routine and really enjoying my workouts. My race on Sunday was definitely was not set up to be a PR but it felt good and was fun to race and see friends.

It’s a new year have you started your training cycle or still in off season?


  1. Your training is amazing to me. I'm so impressed. Also, I've always wanted to run the Prairie Dog half just because I think it has such a fun name!

  2. Wow- amazing week! I think I would have the crawl the half marathon after all that!
    Congratulations; I can't wait to see how working with Beth goes for your IM Cabo!

  3. Solid week, Beth! I'm jealous of all your running! :)