Friday, January 17, 2014

New Coach

I can’t believe January is already more than half over, time is flying. I feel like I am constantly running to catch up but I know things will improve. As mentioned in past posts there was a lot of change in my life come end of December/beginning of January. Life is a little hectic now but I am loving training and where things are headed.

One of the new exciting changes is a new coach for 2014. I signed on with Beth Gerdes from Reve Endurance to help me get through Ironman Los Cabos and Ironman Canada this year.

I started working with Beth at the beginning of the month and I am loving the program and her coaching. I think it’s really a great fit and am excited to see how races go this year under her guidance. So thanks Beth for taking me under your wing, I am excited to get to work with you!

At the end of the week I will start documenting how training is going, this time it will be a shorter training log since Cabo is just a short 10 weeks away. Lots of cold rides, dark runs and hours in the pool. Nose to the tape…


  1. I know right?! How can it already be the 17th?!
    Yay you!! Congrats on the new coach and good luck with your training!! :)

    1. Thanks so much, March 30th will be here so quickly!

  2. That is awesome! Best of luck in Cabo!

  3. Not to stalk or be weird - but I started working with Beth in December and have really enjoyed the experience.
    Good luck with your training and with managing life!

  4. Awesome! Sound like a great fit! Hope training is going well, Beth! I can't believe is nearly the end of January, either…!