Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 SOAS Racing Team

I was pretty stocked when I opened my email earlier this month to read that I had been selected to be part of the SOAS racing team.

I first noticed SOAS kits on some of my favorite bloggers and was impressed by how cute they were. I looked into the company and really loved how they were women specific
And were made in the U.S

I bought my first kit and wore it all summer training for Ironman Lake Tahoe. It was my go to kit anytime I had a long ride on the schedule, nothing was more comfortable. I wore it for a half ironman and was supper comfortable everything stayed in place. It was my plan to wear my SOAS kit was for Ironman Lake Tahoe but when the snow came the day before and the temps dipped below freezing warmer plans had to be made, just arm warmers weren't going to cut it.

This year with two Ironman races on my schedule I will be proudly rocking the SOAS team uniform.

Do you have a favorite brand? I think getting something women's specific is key!


  1. Congratulations, Beth! That's so exciting! SOAS kits do look awesome; I saw a lot of women at both coeur d'alene and whistler wearing them!

  2. Congrats! That is very cool that you'll be a part of the SOAS team. Their kits are super cute and I've been very tempted to invest in one. I ended up getting my first tri kit last year - Smashfest Queen. I love it - it's so comfy and I even get compliments on the race course.

  3. So excited for you, Beth! Congratulations! Well deserved… you'll represent SOAS well! So many awesome women's lines out there!