Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Almost Fall

Ok maybe technically it's not almost fall and the weather here in Denver is really trying to remind me that is is still summer.
See the seasonal average? 85 would be a lot nicer than the mid nineties we have been having.

Regardless fall is my favorite season and sometimes it feel like we go straight from summer to winter, so I am going to start celebrating fall/harvest now. I also heard that Starbucks is bringing out their Pumpkin Spice Latte today (is that true?!?)
While I may still be wearing my summer clothes and sweating it out on my bike
my house will smell like pumpkin spice and I will be happily watching football while recovering.
What is your favorite season?


  1. Oh I can't wait for it to cool off! Erica

  2. Gotta love fall. Running out on the trails is the best at that time. Not to mention cross country season - duh!

  3. Spring is my favourite season. I love when things melt away and green starts popping up everything from the new growth. However Fall is my second favourite season, and now that I'm running it's in strong second. This is my first summer running and it has been hot! I can't wait for things to cool down and for my runs to be a bit more comfortable.