Wednesday, August 22, 2012

13 Months From Today....

Exactly 13 months from today I will be toeing the line of Ironman Lake TahoeIMLakeTahoe-600x336.jpg

I am so excited for this race and to get back into Ironman shape. It's not time to start officially training yet but I have a general plan to get myself into the best possible shape in 13 months, plus a few mini goals along the way.

Month 13: Strength and speed focus, I think I have forgotten how to run other than the ironman shuffle - train for sub 2 hr half marathon

Month 12: Bike Base - Hopefully run a sub 2 half marathon (I am not terribly hopeful that this can happen this fall, if not I will try again in the spring)

Month 11: Run Base - 5k focus

Month 10: Swim Base - break 25 minute 5k

Month 9: Overall Base

Month 8: Build Capacity

Month 7: Build Capacity - try to break 2 hrs (again?) in a half marathon

Month 6: Build Capacity - Maybe run a marathon =)

Month 5: Build Capacity

Month 4: Build Capacity - Sub 7 hr half ironman(ish) distance at Pacific Crest, the bike is 62 miles long

Month 3: Peak

Month 2: Peak - Break 6:30 at Boulder 70.3

Month 1: Peak/Taper - Ironman Lake Tahoe - I would like to break 15 hrs, but will reassess closer to the race

I wanted to do three half ironman in preparation but between Pacific Crest and Boulder I don't think I can squeeze another one in. Anyone know good ones in late July and late August?

Have you ever started prepping for an event over a year out? I haven't before but when you have to sign up 15 months in advance it starts to seem more normal


  1. I have IMAZ in 3 months but I spend waaaay more time thinking about IM Tahoe 13 months from now. I can't wait for that race! It's gonna be a tough course I think....some are calling it the new St George! Sweet!

  2. IM Tahoe is definitely on my to-do list. Everything about the course seems beautiful. I guess the difficulty of the course compensates. Won't be doing it on its first year, but as I said, definitely a goal that's been set. I'm sure you'll do great!