Tuesday, August 28, 2012

September is Runnerd Month - With Candice

Candice over at I have Run put together a fun little event/contest/giveaway

From her site:
Here are the rules:
  • Leave a comment letting me know you are going to participate.
  • Post a photo that reflects the word of the day somehow. You can post on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook. Your images should be running or training or health/fitness related.
  • On Twitter, make sure you include the hashtag #runnerdphotoaday with each post.
  • On Facebook, be sure to follow the Runnerd page and include @runnerds in the comment for your picture.
  • On Instagram, become my friend (ihaverun) and include @ihaverun in your comment.
  • You will receive one entry for each picture you post (up to 30 entry possibilities). I can only count the entry if it is linked back to me somehow, otherwise I won't know about it.
  • I am ordering the Runnerd prizes this week. There will be at least five prize winners, selected by Random.org at the beginning of October. I will post the list of prizes once I know exactly what they are.
To receive extra entries, you can invite others to join the Runnerd Photo-A-Day fun before it begins on Saturday. You will receive one extra entry for each place you post (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or your blog). That's up to 4 extra entries total. Be sure to let me know you shared the Runnerd Photo-a-Day love so you get the extra entries!

Be creative. We don't want everyone doing the same thing with their pics. If I absolutely love your pic and post it on my blog during the month, you'll get an extra entry.

And don't worry if you miss a day or don't start on day one. I want this to be fun!

And now for the list:

September 1 - time
September 2 - sweat
September 3 - up 
September 4 - inspire
September 5 - kitchen
September 6 - fun
September 7 - reflection
September 8 - show
September 9 - ready
September 10 - strong
September 11 - watch
September 12 - food
September 13 - logo
September 14 - looking down
September 15 - book
September 16 - friend
September 17 - run
September 18 - how you feel
September 19 - in
September 20 - technology
September 21 - circle
September 22 - first
September 23 - grow
September 24 - new
September 25 -word
September 26 - red
September 27 - favorite
September 28 - song
September 29 - personality
September 30 - runnerd


Should we start with Runnerd??
I plan to participate, do you? I don't think I will be able to do it every day with a full time + job, grad school, training and presenting at my industries biggest annual conference.

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