Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Year From Today

September is one of my favorites months and unfortunately it is flying by! I spent last week learning all about my field of work that I am passionate about and have a LOT of fun (meaning lots of dinners out, drinks and little training)


Good thing I don't have any A races for a while but it's time to get back on it since exactly one year from today I will be having a blast competing in Ironman Lake Tahoe. I love that it is on the first day of fall.


As for fall, this is my favorite time of year to run, nice crisp temperature, not too cold, no lingering ice like there is in the spring. The turning leaves make it especially fun to run and ride in the mountains. Time is short before we start getting snow in the mountains and even here in the city so I need to make a quick list of all the things I wold like to get done before winter settles in.

I have been having some fun on pinterest


201209220851.jpg 201209220852.jpg

Anyone out there sad to see summer go?

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