Friday, May 18, 2012

Test Run

After my PT told me NO MARATHON this weekend, I had in my head that I would run the half marathon. I figured I should be able to run a half, I have already ran 20 on very tired legs so this should be NBD (no big deal). After wearing more supportive shoes all week and massaging my leg I thought I would be good (enough) to go.

But just to be sure I took my foot out for a 6 mile test run this morning. It wasn’t good, in reality it seems to still be getting worse. I am really starting to think no Colfax at all. I am not that bummed about missing Colfax but FREAKING OUT that Ironman is just over a month out and I can’t run 6 miles without stabbing pain in my foot. I have to try to keep my focus on the final goal of finishing IMCDA but it is hard to walk away from a marathon I had planned on running.

One way that always makes me feel better is to look for future races when I WILL be able to reach my goal. Running in the USA is sort of my race porn and today I started looking for post Ironman marathons to make up for missing Colfax. Wise? Maybe not but it helps me focus on the future instead of dwelling on my present.

Two that spoke to me were the Silverton Alpine Marathon on August 25

And the Aspen Backcountry Marathon on August 26

Both will be tough trail marathons and sound like great training for a 50k….cause I WILL heal and be totally fine training for ultra…..right?!?

Now I just need to decide about Colfax….to race or not to race.


  1. Sorry to hear that you aren't ready for the half marathon - but just remember that this is all for the sake of the main goal the Ironman!!!

  2. Awe sorry to hear about your 6K run not going well. That is so frustrating. Has your PT zeroed in on what is causing the pain?

  3. Oh no, I am so sorry about your foot and having to nix the full at Colfax. If you end up doing the half, I'm going to be pacing a friend as she tries to break 2-hours so will be hovering around the 2-hour pace dude in Wave B.

    Hope your foot heals quickly!!

    The Aspen backroads marathon ...hum.....

  4. Just keep telling yourself it will get better. It's just hard to believe right now. Sorry about the marathon but your doing the smart thing