Monday, May 14, 2012

Marathon Week

I hope that talking a lot about my upcoming marathon will make it more real. I keep forgetting that we are running a marathon and then it comes up and I freak out a little. I need to let it sink in that it is here and that I AM ready for it!
I am not hoping for a PR with no real taper or focused training, I am just hoping for a good long training day. Luckily this week is a recovery week so things will be a little lighter and hopefully my legs will show up on Sunday ready to go the distance. This week looks like:

Monday: 6 mile run and 45 min yoga
Tuesday: 9.5 mile interval run
Wednesday: 30 mile bike ride with pick-ups along the way
Thursday: 2800 m sprint focused swim
Friday: 45 min yoga
Saturday: 2 mile open water swim to an hour transition bike ride
Sunday: Colfax Marathon with 1 mile warm up and cool down

Totals for the week:
Swim: 3.75 miles
Bike: 60 miles
Run: 43.7 miles
Strength: 1.5 hrs
Totals: 17ish hours and 107.5 miles

This feels like a BIG drop but hopefully that will make it all that much easier to hit it hard for the last three week push.

On a separate note I could use your advice. I just bought new shoes over the weekend and I am not sure which pair to wear for the marathon.

I know I am pushing the “nothing new on race day” rule BUT my feet have been hurting lately and I think it might be due to running in my old shoes.
Third times the charm!
So what would you do? Try to break in new shoes this week and run the marathon in them or stick to the old ones?


  1. Trust me, drop. It helped me get through my triathlon. I also noticed in my lighter weeks I was tired and crankier far more when I was peak training. A huge indication I was over training. Don't freak, seriously you got this!! I had the very same debate, I needed new shoe's and was feeling some pain in my hip. If it was a marathon I was doing, i'd have to pick new. At least try it this week, if you got problems its no big deal to switch.

    1. Thanks Karie, that’s good advice. I find that I am stiff, cranky and HUNGRY during recovery weeks. I must be a joy to be around!

  2. are the shoes new new or just a new pair of the ones you've worn before? I wore the same running shoes for years and I've been known to pick up a new pair of my shoes at an expo and wear them the next day....they are tried and true.

    I also made the last min decision to wear a pair of shoes that I barely worn in training last year for IMCDA. And then got a little paniced so I stashed the other pair in my special needs bag but ended up wearing the pair I didnt train in for the whole run.

    I might not be the best person to ask....

    1. Betsy- They are a new pair of the same shoe I have been running in. The only difference is they are the “breathe” model meaning they have more mesh for running in hot weather. I think I am leaning towards the new ones now!

  3. Definitely trust the drop my dear. You need that. It'll be hard, but worth it!! :) I bet you feel good on Sunday because of it!!!

    And as for the shoes, I'm no help... I'd go with the new shoes if the old ones are hurting you. :)

  4. Good luck!
    Before one marathon I needed new shoes but left it too late so wore my old ones. I ended up having to stop at an aid station because they destroyed my feet. Based on that experience, I'd go for the new ones. Especially if they're the same type.

  5. So fun to find your blog! I'm training for IMCdA, too...and just ran the Big Sur Marathon. Definitely trust the drop. I had plenty of energy for my marathon (ran it a bit faster than my planned "training day") and recovered pretty well, too. I was a crank the next week as I eased back into IM training but it wasn't too bad.

    Lots of good shoe advice! I tend to stick with the same shoe/model so that breaking them in isn't an issue.

    Good luck at your race Sunday!

  6. Have a great "training" day!