Thursday, May 10, 2012

Play List

As we get closer to Ironman I am trying to wean myself off my iPod. As you may know, iPods are not allowed at Ironman events or at most triathlons for safety reasons. So lately I have been leaving my tunes at home for my longer runs and rides. So now when I do take it with me on a run I really love having it!

I like my play list

(No I am not ashamed of the amount of Kesha and Christina)

but I think I am starting to get sick of it a bit too. Anyone have any great songs that you have to have on your play list? Do you workout to music?


  1. I run with my music during training but not usually for my long runs. It's a good compromise and you get used to running without it for long runs so you're ready race day.

  2. I like running to a variety of music. My favorites are Black Eyed Peas and Katy Perry. I didn't use to listen to them much before running but they have a really good beat. Thank for posting your list....I'm looking for new music for my next race at the end of May.