Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I am willing to give up to be an ironman…

Training for an ironman will take somewhere between 8 and 20 hours of week of training, that is not including all of time spent planning, driving, prepping, packing, eating, buying gear, etc to support all of that training. It also takes a lot of money, not just the entry and travel fees but for all the gear, nutrition, and expenses to keep your body healthy (massages, foam rollers, etc). Also it takes a toll on your body, in many different ways. So I had to really think, what am I willing to give up to become an ironman? Here is my list so far:

• Looking good at work. I will have wet hair, and wrinkled clothes everyday (sorry boss)
• Having cute feet. I used to have cute feet now I have funky purple toe nails and perma blisters
• Money and time for vacations
• Most alcohol, not a good idea to drink when you have to get up early to go run/bike/swim
• Sleeping in, 4:20 am wake up calls x(
• Snowshoeing, I love to snowshoe in the winter but with IM training in full swing I don’t think we will have time to fit it in
• Smelling good, I can never get rid of that chlorine smell
• Most tv shows, this is ultimately for my benefit I think
• Facebook, oh wait I gave that up long ago and don’t miss that time suck at all
• Spending time on my yard, that will have to happen after June 24th

Here is the biggest one:
My Car. We have been thinking about going down to one car for some time, mostly to force to be better about alternative commuting for the environment. Cory and I both bike commute a lot so my Saturn Vue often sits in the garage. We decided the extra cash every month the we gain by not making a car payment or insurance would help fund the ironman. I am a bit nervous about going down to one car over the winter when bike commuting is harder but I think I am up for the challenge.

Here are the things I am not willing to give up:

• Spending time with my family, my parents just moved here and I won’t abandon them for IM training. They will make great puppy sitters on long training weekends though ;)
• Spending time with my dogs, they are like my children
• Time with my husband, I won’t have to though he is doing this thing with me!
• Quality of my work, my job is very important to me so I won’t slack on it but I will try to keep my hours closes to 40 a week so can fit everything else in.
• Sleep, I need it, period.

What do/would you give up for your dream?


  1. I'm looking forward to following your journey so make sure not to give up blogging. :)

  2. My dream is Kona and not giving up Ironman's until I get there!! Just signed up for Canada for 2012 in case I don't make it this year at Cozumel, which I probably won't, but it can't hurt to dream! See you at Harvest Moon, not that I've ever met you. I have met Julie who commented above. I will be wearing a Carmichael Training tri kit, my blog is Good luck!!!

  3. I love your list. Can I make some suggestions???

    - For the Chlorine smell - TriSwim works wonders. ON the first of the month, they often have 40% your order. Follow them on FB. Worth every cent!
    -Snowshoeing is great cross training. Don't give that up if you love it! :) The monotony of SBR will wear on you if you don't keep it fun!
    -Dark nail polish is so in! :)

    We have one car. It's a great money saver (between insurance, payments and gas). But we both work from home so it's a tad easier on us.

    Love the list of things you aren't willing to give up! :)