Friday, August 5, 2011

Makin’ it happen

That’s it, I am back on the wagon. After about three weeks of very little exercise I am determined to make it to Harvest moon half ironman in September. I have been plagued with injuries and illness this past month but I am ready to be back at it full force. I am not sure that my knee will allow me to get back to running the 30ish mile weeks I was before but I am hopeful that I will be able to pull out a slow half marathon anyway. I just know that I am up for trying.

Winston is disappointed that there will be less couch cuddle time but I am excited to get back to swim, bike, run, EAT!


  1. YAY! Good for your for getting back into things. Hope the injuries and sickness stay at bay this time!

    Winston is a cutie! ;)

  2. Ooo, sorry about your injuries and illness the past month but you sound very determinded and I know you will make things happen for the half! Hopefully the weather will cool down a tad here...this getting up at 5am to get in a run is getting OLD fast!