Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Death of a Fatty

Yesterday morning I grabbed my old trusty "fatty" iPod nano to listen to on my way to work. It worked as normal, I paused it, locked the keys and threw it in my bag. After work I pulled it back out unlocked the keys and.... nothing, no response. I was confused, it worked this morning? Did I leave it on all day and the battery was just dead? I plugged it into my computer when I got home and iTunes didn't even recognize anything was there. Apparently my five year old iPod died a quiet death while I was working. Honestly I am happy I got five years out of it, I use it all the time, I have dropped it, sweat all over it and abused the poor thing.

Not wanting to go a day without entertainment (sad, I know) I ran to target after getting a quick bike fit, my seat was way too low, and bought a new nano touch screen. I love that it is smaller and has a clip like my shuffle so I won't have to shove it in my sports bra when I don't have pockets (gross).

I ordered a silicon case to help protect it, getting that first ding in a new electronic is the worst.

Goodbye fatty, you got me through many long runs, races, road trips, sleepless nights and much more, I will miss you.

In other new gear news I finally got a new helmet to replace the one I was wearing when I crashed, I wore it for a quick 20 miler on Sunday and it seems nice and comfortable.

Hopefully this one will take me through IM CDA!

Do you use an iPod for training, how often do you replace it?

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