Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back at 2013 in Photos

As I wrote about in my last post 2013 was not my favorite year. Looking back is still fun and while the day to day was a little stressful there were some big sparkly moments that were great and I am sure in a few years I will remember the big highs more than anything else. So here's a look back at 2013:

January started out with our traditional News Year Day Hungover Half (my families self run half marathon, so fun)
And a trip to Miami to run the ING Miami half marathon
February was pretty mellow with lots of training on snowy trails and time on the trainer
March took us to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate 10 years of being together.
cabo Beach.jpg
As a happy accident Ironman Los Cabos was running while we were there and we got to watch the race, probably my favorite part of our vacation.
In April we took our first long training weekend in Moab and had a blast!
May was running our second open marathon togetherDSCN8128.JPG
And had me headed to Baja Mexico for work
June was fun and exciting with lots of training, my mom's first triathlon and a half ironman for me.

July started with a trip to the Oregon Coast, one of my favorite places in the world.

and finished with lots of climbing mountains
In August we raced Ironman Boulder 70.3 to PRs for both Cory and me
Then Dad and Cory took third overall for relays at Boulder Sunset triathlon. They took third even through dad did the bike AND run! I was so proud. Mom took first in her age group but I didn't get a photo =(
September was a great month, Cory took 8th overall and first in his age group at the Denver Trail Half Marathon
Then we all headed to Lake Tahoe for my second Ironman, while it was difficult I am proud that I finished!
October was pretty low key running lots of trails, one half marathon and a work trip to Ohio
November came and went quickly ending with our traditional family Turkey Trot
December didn't have any racing for me, but lots of food, family and fun.
We end the year on an upswing with a new job for Cory and putting our house on the market to move north. Packing isn't my favorite but I am so excited to get into a new house, new city, new start.

Happy New Year everyone, have a safe fun night!


  1. Looks like a fantastic 2013 despite some tough times.
    I love how active your entire family is- so great that your parents compete, too!
    We've always wanted to go to Moab for mountain and road biking; love that photo of you there!
    Here's to a happy, healthy 2014!

  2. You had a super year… love all the pics! And, did you sleep on the beach in Baja?! So cool – and, so cool that your family is so active and rocking the podium :) Hope the move went well! Looking forward to following your training this year!

  3. Ah, what a wonderful year ... one treasured in your heart.
    Moving's tough but hopefully you'll find a great little tutor in Boulder, like you had in Denver, that you will equally love. Fresh beginnings are sometimes pretty magical.
    Hope 2014 is filled with lots of love and happiness!