Monday, December 2, 2013

Training For a Hot Race in Winter - Four Months To Go

In (a little less than) Four short months I will be toeing the line at Ironman Los Cabos. It doesn't feel real yet, it's NEXT year, it will be warm, it's a triathlon, and it's clearly not triathlon season in Colorado (hello lowof -8).


But 4 months is not a lot of time and will go by quickly, I need to keep my focus and eyes on the prize. I try to think about warm(isn)aqua ocean water, palm tress and margaritas.


My training plan is very similar to my last two ironmans, I am just hoping that I won't have to spend too much time on the trainer and treadmill (I will run in snow but ice is another thing). The new things I hope to start incorporating some heat training. I have done a little research on how to train for a race in warm conditions over winter. Starting in January I will start:

  • Going to hot yoga to get my body used to moving in the heat

  • sitting in the sauna after swims for increasing amounts of time.

  • No fan or open windows while on the trainer

  • Overdressing for runs

Other than that I think I will just have to gut it out. Regardless, I am excited to head to mexico to race towards the end of a long, cold winter.

Have any additional tips? Have you ever races in the heat after training in the cold?

I haven't really but I did train in the heat to race in the ridged cold in Tahoe, I guess that doesn't hep me here.


  1. Ooh- palm trees, the ocean, and margaritas sound great! It'll be well-worth the trainer rides!
    Looks like you have a good plan. And the yoga will help you out in more ways than one!

  2. Racing in Mexico will be such a treat after a long winter! Your plans sounds great… definitely setting you up well to acclimate. It's 6 degrees here… I'm dreaming on palm trees and sunshine… or, the sauna at the gym :)

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