Monday, December 2, 2013

Gift Ideas for Runners

Gift Ideas for Runners

1. Lululemon Speed Tight *cozy - I resisted buying Lulu for a long time, it seemed ridiculously expensive. That went out the window when I finally got some shorts as a gift and I realized how much more comfortable Lulu is than other brands. I even ran Tahoe's marathon in Lululemon Capri's, they were amazing with no chafing, love them! These tights are lined and perfect for winter, I wear them all the time.

2. Smart Wool gloves that have touch screen capabilities that are great for Garmin operation as well as instagramming your favorite trail

3. Petzl Headlamp great for evening runs when there is little daylight, or if you have an ultra runner on your list the NAO is supposed to be amazing.

4. A foam roller can be the difference between a PR and an injury, I have had my trigger point roller for years and it hasn't broken down at all. Now if I could get someone to do the rolling for me.....

5. A Garmin 910XT is a great watch for any triathlete or runner, I have the 410 and it's great but even with a full charge it has died on me, the 910 offers more battery power.

6. Everyone needs to hydrate on runs, even in the winter, this Nathan Hydration Vest makes it easy.

7. Give your favorite runner a nice way to display all the race bling!

What's on your list?


  1. I wish every gift giver was a fellow runner!! Right?! we'd all have the best stuff

  2. My favorite winter running tights, too! I have more lulu than I care to admit ;) Great gift ideas, Beth!

  3. great ideas!! our lists match up =)

  4. I have a pair of smartwool gloves and they are great, but I love the idea of the touch screen friendly fingertips!