Thursday, September 22, 2011

Off Season

It’s a weird transition to off season for me. With my injury sidelining me for the last two months I feel like I am really ready for some “on” time not “off” time. Lucky or unlucky for me there is a lot to work on so I have a lot of off season goals to work on. I need to focus on rebuilding strength and flexibility, improve form, and build speed not just endurance at a snail’s pace. Others goals include getting my sports induced asthma under control and losing a few lbs before starting Ironman training. I am still working on figuring out my weekly plan on how I will meet all these goals. I soon won’t have to write my own training plan because Cory and I hired a coach to help us get through all of this training uninjured and arrive on race day confident that I can go the distance.

We hired Charley Perez as our coach, he is our official club coach (RMTC) so we already, know, like and trust him.
He has a PhD in psychology and is a fantastic athlete, I can’t wait to learn all I can from him. We start officially working with him on November 1st. I can’t wait but I also feel pressure to get in better shape before starting with him. Nothing like putting extra pressure on myself, maybe he can help me with that ;)

The thing I am most excited about in the immediate future is that I am going to my first Physical Therapy Appointment tomorrow morning. Another RMTC sponsor is Rebound Physical Therapy here in Denver.
Last night they hosted a free questions and answer about what they do and how they can help athletes stay injury free. They were very generous with their information and I really liked their philosophy. Their mission statement is:

We strive to create meaningful changes in people's lives through education, integrity and positive outcomes. We focus on treating the body as a whole, and treating the functional impairment, not just symptoms. We strive to heal the individual, not just the injury.

I was so excited that I signed up for an appointment for tomorrow morning so they can help me get over my current injury and help me prevent future ones. Full report on how everything goes tomorrow. So I am excited to start the off season officially next Monday after Sunday’s last sprint of the year.

Happy training!

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  1. Wow, all sorts of exciting things going on - this is fantastic news. Hoping the PT session will help your me, I know how frustrating a layup can be! And nice job on the coach, you're going to loving having the guess work taken out of the equation and can now just focus on training! :)