Monday, June 20, 2011

Preping for Pacific Crest

For us getting ready for our first half ironman is a big deal that started with lots of planning and packing

Driving from Colorado to Oregon for 22 hours straight (bleh). And hanging out with my really awesome parents and their cute golden-doodles.

On Sunday we road fifty miles on some of the roads we will race on but didn't make it to lake Wickiup (where the swim is held) because we didn't want to ride on dirt roads. Today started off with a fun and easy trail run. One of my parent's dogs Zoey joined us for the run, she is a super cute mupet dog!

Later we went to the home owners association so we could get passes to swim for free. We will put those to good use tomorrow.

Cory and I in front of the original Sunriver sign.

This afternoon we drove out to Wickiup reservoir to check out the lake, it was advertised that there would be buoys in the lake so that we could swim but there weren't any to be seen. Our dogs had a good time swimming

We then drove back along the bike course to see what we were in for. It was very intimidating to drive the entire way, I hope I have it in me! It is an incredibly beautiful course.


  1. You're getting me anxious to be there!! We arrive tomorrow.

    I don't think the buoys will be out until Thurs or Fri. We're swimming Friday when we drop off our bikes.

    Have a blast and good luck!!

  2. I love that race I love that resort I love goldendoodles! Wish I was there!