Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Long Ride beofre Pac Crest

We made it to Sunnriver Oregon Saturday evening after driving foe 22
hours straight. We visit Sunriver a lot mainly because my parents own a
home here and because it is a really beautiful/fun place to stay. We stayed here over new years and had a great time but it's the most fun in the summer.

We are in full taper now and had our last long ride yesterday. We mapped out a route on and were excited that we were going to ride up to Wickiup reservoir where the swim will be for Pacific Crest. The problem with that plan is one of the main roads we were supposed to ride was a dirt road. We continued on assuming we would just turn around after 25 miles and head back. The ride was beautiful with lots of pine trees and views of the three sisters mountains and Mt. Bachelor. When we were about to turn around we glimpsed a lake in the distance, unfortunately it wasn't Wickiup but it was still beautiful and there were bathrooms so it was a great pit stop/turn around point.

The weather was perfect with highs in the 60s and sunny. We spent the rest of the day celebrating father's day with my dad. Lots of food and family time, it was a perfect day!

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