Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life got in the way......

I have been terribly absent from the blogging world. Life got crazy with work and training so something had to give. I have been training and racing I just haven’t been able to stay up on blogging. Things really haven’t calmed down BUT I have missed reading everyone’s blogs so I have started to check in quickly but still haven’t had time to comment on yours.

Also I have missed writing my own blog, the point of starting this blog was to chronicle my training and racing so I could look back later and remember all the things I felt during this time. During the time I have been silent I have raced in my first marathon and Olympic triathlon plus put in some of my biggest training sessions I have ever done. I will be back to write race repots because I want to remember the races I did in May and June as well as recap some of the training for Pacific crest that is in a week and a half (yikes!) time to make blogging a priority again!

Cory and I after finishing the Colorado Marathon

Happy swim, bike, running everyone!

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  1. So glad you updated! Congrats on all you've done while being away from blogland! I just looked at the forecast for Sunriver next week and it's looking like upper 60s low 70s which would be AMAZING...but I'll believe it when I see it.