Friday, March 25, 2011

Muddy Buddy, Oregon Style

It's been a busy week getting my parent's house ready to go on the market, but we took some time off to go for a trail run. My mom had a six mile run on her schedule and since I decided to tag along and she thought we should make it a fun trail run. Love you mom!

We drove down to Sauvies Island in Portland. Sauvies Island is a large agricultural island in the Columbia River. We found a six mile out and back that sounded perfect. As we were driving along the island the parking lot we realized that the trail would be quite muddy, Portland has seen a lot of rain recently.
Trail Head
Mom and I with their golden doodles Zoey and Gus
It started out really nice
Then it got really muddy, I was thankful that the thick mud only lasted about a quarter mile.
We had great views of the river along the way
Our turn around point was a light house on the beach.
Not the prettiest lighthouse ever but still cool. Then we headed back along the same trail.
When we got back we were covered in mud!
It was a great run, really easy (thanks too all that oxygen at almost sea level). I am now doing a mini-taper for my half marathon on Sunday.

What are you doing for spring break?


  1. That is so fun that you got to run with your mom. That trail looks awesome, mud and all!

  2. I love Sauvie Island even though every time I'm out there, I either get lost on a run or crash my bike, or get attacked by someone/something. Seriously...last time I was on that very trail I got the poop scared out of me BIG TIME...