Tuesday, March 15, 2011

High Maintenance

I am going to Oregon next week to help my parents work on their houses. They are planning to move to Colorado after mom retires in June and they need to sell their homes so they are fixing them up. All of this information is background for how it became so obvious that I am now really high maintenance. I was trying to plan out my workouts while out of town and was really frustrated that I won’t have my normal facilities. I have a membership to 24 hour fitness and just assumed there would be one near my parents house, but no, the closest one is 45 minutes away! This may mean no swimming or biking for me for an entire week. I may be able to borrow my mom’s bike but it’s a hybrid bike from 1994, and won’t be anything like my road bike. I also realized that I won’t have all my normal rituals, I won’t have my beloved foam roller or recovery foods or training partner =(

I am happy to go help my parents but I will miss my routine.

This weeks training plan:

Monday: rest day…ahhhhhh
Tuesday: am 60 minute bike (on trainer) and commute to work, pm 6 mile interval run run (1 mile warm-up and cool down with 3 mile repeats with .25 mile recovery)
Wednesday: am 1900 swim (300 WU, 6x50 drills, 8x100 main set, 6x50 drills, 200 CD), pm yoga ** this may change because with a sinus infection it sucks to swim!
Thursday: 90 min spin class straight to a 3 mile run
Friday: 6 mile tempo run with an easy 1600 m easy swim
Saturday: 12 mile run
Sunday: Not sure yet……

Sunday and next week are to be determined.

Last weeks totals are:

Swim: 3400 meters
Bike: 70 miles
Run: 48.1 miles (I think this may be the most I have ever ran in a week)

I think training is going well but my nutrition has been horrible so I am focusing on cleaning it up. I spent a lot of time chopping this morning while sipping a blackberry green monster

Keeping it colorful.

Are you high maintenance? Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am high maintenance with my training too! My boyfriend gets frustrated sometimes because he's not into training for races and such.

    Hope you have a great visit with the rents!!

  2. Look at that Rainbow of nutrition Beth!!

    Okay, I love the new header pic!! And, you tri-hards are so amazing! Training for a mary is tough enough!

  3. Haha, yes - definitely high maintenance. When we go on vacation in April, I've already planned out my runs/where I will run in Dallas. Your food looks YUM!!